Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures

How Your Adventure Works

It's easy!
Place the Adventure's beautifully illustrated (and laminated) picture close enough for your child to see. The picture illustrates the characters' adventure. It also includes a guide for where your child's hands should be positioned on the keyboard.
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Start the CD and help your child follow Horace's simple instructions. (You may want to play through each adventure by yourself first.)

In the beginning, an Adventure will only take a few days. Later Adventures may take over a week.

As Horace guides your child through the adventure he or she will build musical skills including rhythm, pitch and the ability to recognize orchestral instruments. The adventure will also enhance your child's memory, ear training, counting, listening and fine motor skills as well as develop a foundation for math and science skills.

After completing all of the Adventures, your child will have been introduced to sharps, flats, quarter notes, 5 notes in the treble clef, playing with the beat, loud, soft, high and low pitches, and hand synchronization.


...provides special quality time between parent and child. My son (age 3) easily entered the world of Horace the Grasshopper while learning basic piano and musical ideas. Playing simple melodies and rhythm patterns were introduced within "Creative Adventures" in which my son played a role.
Karen H. - Mom

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