Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures

Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures

Horace Hopper's FriendsI'm Horace Hopper (as in Grasshopper). These are my friends Smith the Penguin, Dr. String, and Diana the Dinosaur.

If you and your child will spend 15 minutes a day with us, in 3 months we will make the music for (imaginary) TV shows set in the Rocky Mountains, the Moon, a Cave next to the Grand Canyon, Scotland, and other great places.

Stimulate your child's imagination by acting out the adventures with puppets made from two old socks and paste on features.

Our adventures will also help your child with memory enhancement, ear training, pitch recognition, listening skills, counting, and fine motor skills. Click here to read special research about autism and music. Click here to learn about music and Rett Syndrome and Williams Syndrome.

All you need is Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures, a piano or keyboard, and a CD player. Then you and your child are ready to begin the adventure!

What's Included

Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures

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…an imaginative approach: dramatic stories and innovative simple songs a young child can immediately play. The performer will be delighted in the "Adventures" they create with sound.
Janell Whitby - Nationally recognized teacher of preschool music

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