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Music SoftwareHorace Hopper's Musical Adventures CD-ROM
Music Software

Turn your computer into an interactive musical learning activity.

  • A Remarkable Blending of Art & Music!
  • New Interactive 430 Word Vocabulary
  • Play Musical Notes to Paint a Picture!
  • Play Musical Notes Sung in English, Spanish, French & Korean!
  • Form 66 Words Spoken in English, Spanish, French & Korean!
    A, Ace, Aced, Ad, Adage, Add, Added, Age, Aged, Babe, Bad, Bade, Badge, Bag, Baggage, Bagged, Be, Bead, Beaded, Bed, Bee, Beef, Beg, Begged, Cab, Cabbage, Cad, Cafe, Cage, Caged, Cede, Ceded, Dab, Dabbed, Dad, Dead, Deaf, Decade, Deed, Deeded, Ebb, Ebbed, Edge, Edged, Egg, Egged, Face, Faced, Fad, Fade, Faded, Fag, Fagged, Fed, Fee, Feed, Gab, Gabbed, Gad, Gaff, Gaffed, Gag, Gage, Gagged, Gee

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The focus of Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures CD-ROM is to teach basic pitch differentiation, musical notation, playing melodies, elementary music composition, perfect pitch and the remarkable relationship between music and color in art.

Click here to read the program tutorial.

The Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures CD-ROM contains a library of 430 essential words to develop critical listening. Click here to view the word library.

This interactive program (HoraceVox) was in research testing for 8 months in Oklahoma City public school system on developmentally-challenged and autistic children. Click here to read the program creator comments.

Color Guide
12 Note Color / Pitch Keyboard Overlay

Here's How It Works: Place the unique Color / Pitch overlay above top row of any computer keyboard (Keys F1 to F12). Each key you now press or "play" represents one of 12 chromatically pitched notes AND a unique color.

Children can paint 29 high quality line drawings while playing notes. In addition, when each note played, the screen indicates a different color AND the correct position of each note on a piano keyboard and musical notation.

Recorded by Dr. Roxann LaCombe  renowned Ameraican soprano, each of the 12 notes in an octave can be "sung" in English, Spanish,  French, and Korean. Children can record the melodies, or learn note melodies interactively.

With several learning programs built-in, children can "Paint by Color", or "Paint by Music". There is even a clever program to learn and "Spell the Words".

"This CD-ROM utilizes visual and aural teaching techniques that capture the student's interest while keeping them on task... it helps students develop a sense of pitch in their primary school years. It is a wonderful, innovative and a positive learning experience for children. I hope to have this CD-ROM in every elementary music classroom in our Public Schools".

Kathy Weinstock King
Music Curriculum Coordinator,
Tulsa Public Schools

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