Music Therapy for Autism

Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures for Piano Instruction

Horace Hopper's Friends help you learn perfect pitchWelcome!

Our Horace Hopper Catalog has three important programs to enhance your child's education. Each uses Music as a way to expand the way children learn. Developmental disorders such as Autism and Asperger's Syndrome are especially responsive to the music therapy incorporated in our programs and tested in early education institutions (see below). They are inexpensive, replicable, and can be used with or without a professional teacher. The whole family can be involved in the joy of musical growth.

Our Educational Products

1. The original Horace Hopper Musical Adventures. Piano instruction using CD player, keyboard and storyboard. This interactive introduction to music consists of 12 fascinating lessons (1 per week) on 3 full audio CDs. No computer is necessary. Excellent for all children including developmentally-challenged. Ages 3-5.

2. Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures CD-ROM: Language Development Edition. Excellent for all children including developmentally-challenged, autistic, and Asperger's. A new, powerful program to enhance your child's linguistic development using speech therapy. This incredible music software has over 800 images with names that are sung. Notes are learned in English, French, Spanish, and Korean. Ages 2-10.

3. Baby Dance, Baby Sleep CD: This audio CD is a unique blend of digitally edited baby sounds and full orchestrations. It is one of the most amazing early listening music CDs ever recorded. Winner of the 10 Best Audio CDs of the Year by Stevanne Auerbach, Phd., Dr. Toy.

Parent's Choice top award for "learning and doing"

Kirkpatrick Research Study Shows Horace Hopper students 48% higher in Math skills

" a wonderful learning experience Sarah (age 4) and I have had together with Horace Hopper. All parents should take advantage of this excellent music education course."
Melissa B. - Mo

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