Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures Educational Software

Awards, Dr. Toy "100 Best New Children's Products of 2000" and the "Parents' Choice" Award for the Best "Learning and Doing" Educational Software

Music Therapy

On Monday, October 29, 2000 the "Parents' Choice" Awards were announced. "Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures" received the highest award (The Silver Award) of any "learning by doing" toy.

Horace was also selected by Dr. Toy for the 10 best Audio/Video awards, "Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures" is a winner. There is nothing else in the market that combines adventure, piano keyboard skills, imaginations, and shared family fun and involvement.

The superb graphics, first class orchestrations, and recent research linking early childhood musical education with increased spatial and temporal reasoning can all be showcased though this medium. It would be seen as an excellent early childhood curriculum.

Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, head of the Institute for Childhood Resources, San Francisco only evaluates products that are active, creative, educational, enriching, and fun. In addition the following qualities are taken into consideration: uniqueness, flexibility, ease of use, design, packaging, quality, durability, safety, originality, play value, price, skill building, and multi-cultural appeal.

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